Frequently Asked Questions

Organic Black Willow Bark Soap
Charcoal Clarifying Powder with Licorice Root
Grapefruit-Tea Tree Astringent
Rose-Carrot Seed Facial Oil
We recommend storing products in a dry cool place.
We do not use any colorant, and we use essential oils and alcohol-free fragrance oils for scents.
Our products are 98.9% natural, not “organic,” because some of them contain fragrance oils which are manmade.

A product is considered "natural" when it contains ingredients that are sourced from nature rather than created synthetically. Synthetic chemicals are produced through laboratory manipulation and are not found in nature, though it is possible to create synthetic versions of natural ingredients (such as Vitamin E.) Natural products generally don't include ingredients like petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes and synthetic colors.

The main distinction between natural and organic beauty products is that organic ingredients must pass more rigorous standards of purity. In order to be organic, an ingredient must have been derived without the use of synthetic pesticides, petroleum fertilizers or sewage sludge fertilizers, and it must not be a genetically modified organism (GMO.)
All orders are money-back guaranteed if the customer is unhappy. Simply return the products 98% unused and receive a refund.
All products should be avoided. Our body products are based on the therapeutic properties of shea and mango. Coconut butters and natural healing oils are properties of nuts.
All of Blessed Inspiration’s Body Butters contain therapeutic ingredients to promote healing for skin conditions.
The body scrubs are recommended once a week to help exfoliate the skin and promote skin turn over.
We offer wholesale pricing of our hair and body oils: Peppermint-Rosemary Oil and Tahitian Coconut Hair & Body Oil.
As of now, online orders are the preferred method of sales.
Our products are natural, so the shelf life is 1-2 years on most products.
Yes. It’s recommend for all childhood issues such eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It’s also recommended to give your child or baby a massage every evening after bath time using Blessed Inspiration’s body butters to promote bonding between mother and child.
All of our body butters are good for sensitive skin. They are 98% natural, with the fragrance oil being the only unnatural ingredients. We use superior quality, concentrated alcohol-free fragrance oil.

Facial skin care products for sensitive skin include: Organic Honey Oat Fragrance Free Soap, Blue Algae Scrub/Mask, Green Tea Witch Hazel, Rose-Carrot Seed Facial Oil.